A brief history of Washington Township

The oldest community in Washington Township, Grenloch Terrace, was a thriving Lenni Lenape Native American village called Tetamekon.

Some of the early settlers to the area were the Collins family of Chestnut Ridge Farm, for whom Chestnut Ridge Middle School is named after; the Turner family, for whom Turnersville was named; the Hurff family, for whom the census designation Hurffville and Hurffville Elementary School are named; the Heritage family, whose family began the Heritage’s Dairy Farm Stores, and for whom the community Heritage Valley is named; the Morgan family, who were the first residents of the Olde Stone House, a landmark for residents of the Township; and the Bell Family, who arrived in 1899, turning the 139-year-old grist mill into General Mills, Inc., and for whom Bells Lake Park and Bells Elementary School are named.

The mill, located at Bells Lake Park, was destroyed by fire in 1963. Sewell, New Jersey, is named after General William Sewell, who served as the New Jersey state Senator in 1881 and 1895, as well as president of the New Jersey Senate in 1876, 1879 and 1880.