How to Earn Money on Betting?

It is believed that sporting events are watched by two categories of people: some are sick, while others are betting. In fact, in order to make money on sports betting, you need to keep a cold mind and complete calm. In this article we will discuss tennis bets. Betting on tennis requires special concentration, because here it is important to take into account many factors - from the type of soil to the emotional state of the athlete. Read more about how to bet on tennis matches and increase your chances to win after you check

How to Start Making Money on Tennis Bets?

So, for starters, it's worth deciding on a betting agency to who you want to entrust your bet and, therefore, your money. Below we offer a comparative table of several large offices. They were compared by determining factors - reputation, functionality, usability, odds and handicap. Handicap is counted on points, and the match is considered to be a super tie-break for 1 game. On this basis, all types of tennis bets are formed on the site.

After choosing a bookmaker, you need to break into a real research activity. That is, determine the sum of the factors on which the success of a tennis bet may depend. First, you should deal with terminology. ATP, WTA, tie-break, matchball, capper, handicap - without knowledge of these and many other terms, it will be extremely difficult to make winning bets on tennis. Let us dwell on one of the most important points - handicap. Handicap is the player's advantage or lag, considered in points, sets, seconds, etc., which is determined by the bookmaker. Handicap can be given to a deliberately weaker player to balance opponents, and can also change dynamically during the match.

Continue preparing for betting by delving into the study of the upcoming match. Find out what coverage on the court is grass, soil, hard, or the hall. Match results directly depend on coverage. After all, every tennis player has his own "corporate" court, in which he shows his best results.

Finally, refer to the athletes themselves: in what form and emotional state (whether there were major defeats or victories, conflicts, injuries on the eve), whether they had a long flight to get to the venue of the match, etc.

These factors are very important, because in tennis there is no team of players with different capabilities and a set of characteristics. It all depends on one athlete and his own motivation. Therefore, it is important to take into account the personal data of the tennis player: his relationship with the opponent and his focus on winning in a particular tournament.

Differences between Female and Male Tennis

The fairer sex does not have a stable supply. Because of this, rivals always have time to adapt to the blow. As a result, a profitable direction is betting on breaks. In addition, many athletes are floundering feed. In this regard, by analyzing the statistical indicators, you can make a confident bet on double mistakes.

Men have the opposite situation. They confidently keep their pitch. Using the "ladder" strategy, you can bet more than 9.5 games on the server's games or the total of the game. Odds will be at the highest, but a chain of ordinals will increase the bank.