A brief history of Cherry Hill

The area’s original inhabitants were Lenni-Lenape Native Americans who peacefully co-existed with the first English settlers, Quaker followers of William Penn- who arrived in the late 17th Century. The first settlement was a small cluster of homes named Colestown. On March 13, 1844, residents incorporated the Township under a new name – Delaware Township- which then became part of the newly organized Camden County.

A description of Delaware Township, in 1886, depicted a “prosperous agricultural community” composed chiefly of gristmills and carriage-making shops. Cherry Hill was a 19th-century farm on Kaighn Avenue/Route 38 which was owned by Abraham Browning. In time, the township sought a new post office, but another New Jersey town already claimed the name Delaware, New Jersey. The postal service suggested a name change, and Delaware Township mayors pursued public write-in campaigns to select possible titles.

The name ‘Cherry Hill’ was chosen by the township’s citizens in a non-binding referendum in 1961, and was officially adopted November 7, 1961. One of the towns notable residents was Muhammad Ali who purchased a house on Barbara Drive in Cherry Hill’s Voken Tract in 1971.