A brief history of bordentown

Located in Burlington County, Bordentown typifies much of small-town America; charming and hard-working. Thomas Farnsworth, an English Quaker, was one of the first Europeans to settle in the area in 1682.

The town is named after Joseph Borden, an entrepreneur who arrived in 1717 and founded a lucrative freight business on the banks of the Delaware. By 1740, the business operated between New York and Philadelphia. Leading up to 1776, Bordentown was a hotbed of revolutionary zeal. Patriots such as Francis Hopkinson (a NJ signatory to the Declaration of Independence), Colonels Kirkbride and Oakey Hoagland…plus the English intellectual Thomas Paine – known as the ‘Father of the Revolution’ – all resided in the Bordentown area.

Other famous residents of Bordentown included Clara Barton who founded New Jersey’s first free public school and later the American Red Cross…plus Joseph Bonaparte, ex-king of Spain and Naples and brother of Napoleon I of France.