Best Offlaners in Dota 2

Players understand the word “offlaner” differently. Often, an offliner is confused with a hardliner, this is a big mistake. In fact, an offlaner is a hero without a line, one that can almost go to the lines from the first level and help straighten enemies or take a position in the forest. So, this list includes two types of heroes you need to learn about before betting on Dota, the first one swings on the killings throughout the game, others are able to quickly gain a level in the forest, raising several levels between the lines.

All of them feel great from the first minutes of the game and pumping the hero to level 2-3 can already be a serious threat even for opponents of a higher level. However, playing offlaners involves a very aggressive style of execution, if you miss the moment, you can very much fall behind the rest of the characters on the map and return to the line-up will be very difficult.

Keeper of the Light

He can cruise from ally to ally and pour manna. Also, not an extra unexpected blow from the bushes, which will carry 200-300 hp to the enemy. You can swing it through the second skill, then the camp and the lack of manna from the enemy will not allow him to escape. If you have lost a lot of gold and experience, you can make stacks and farm them with a few blasts.

Spirit Breaker

In the aggressive peak, Barathrum can be used as an offlaner. In this case, he must, when he reaches the second level, run at his enemies constantly. It is advisable to start the run-up from the base, taking the teleport with you in order to quickly go back and run again. This style of game justifies in that case. If there are heroes on the lines that can kill in the early stages of the game.

Night Stalker

This is a very tight hero, with a passive pumped out at night, he receives a huge amount of bonuses. Able to slow down and impose a silence, suitable for solo murders of storming enemies.

Sand King

The King of Sands is rarely used as an offlaner, but he can do so at the expense of his camp. If he falls behind the level and gold you can always go to the forest and type the desired form with the help of the skill Sand Storm. Sand King helps to kill not only the camp, but also slowing down.


From the first level, the arrow of Mirana Sacred Arrow can stun enemies by as much as 5 seconds. She needs to change her position a lot in order to always shoot arrows from the most unexpected places. As a support, gold and experience are not very necessary for it, so from the first level you can embark on a journey between the lanes.


The shaker is somewhat similar to Mirana in style of performance. He shakes his Fissure and can, with the help of her, help kill enemies on the lines. Of course, the Shaker simply needs artifacts, so it’s better to choose a more aggressive peak.